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Big Green Roofs

What is the project about?

You could be excused for not noticing straight away, but a large section of Manchester City Centre has just got a lot greener.

Two green roofs measuring 174 and 750 square meters were installed on the Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Metropolitan University's All Saints Building respectively.

These add to the four existing green roofs on the Oxford Road corridor.The two roofs are being monitored by staff and students at the University of Manchester and Manchester
Metropolitan University. The data being collected will help to quantify
a range of benefits. These include energy insulation, cooling, air quality, humidity and flood prevention.

Funding for the roofs was provided by the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester City Council and INTERREG IVB as part of the VALUE project.

What's so good about green roofs?

Green roofs stop rain getting to the ground, which helps to reduce flash flooding. They absorb the sun's rays and reflect heat, lowering temperatures. They provide additional insulation, reducing the running costs of buildings and the energy used to heat them. The greenery absorbs harmful pollution as well as providing habitats for birds and insects.
They are a highly original way of creating new green surfaces.

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