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Nutsford Vale, Manchester



Nutsford Vale is made up of rough grassland and clumps of trees, providing a home for a number of plant and animal species. This lightly wooded site is in the heart of densely populated Gorton area. 

Until the beginning of the 20th century the area occupied by Nutsford Vale was still agricultural land, much as it had been for hundreds of years but industrial/residential development was rapid as the century progressed.  In 1909, brickworks were constructed close to Nutsford Vale and clay was quarried for use within the factory.  The urbanisation of the area continued through the 20th century.  Between 1981 and 82 the large hole left by the clay quarry was landfilled. The site was then covered over and made safe.

What has Green Tips done?

In 1998 Red Rose Forest and The Mersey Forest planted 1.7 hectares of woodland on the site as part of an experiment to determine how well trees grow on closed landfill sites, so far they appear to be doing very well. Since then Green Tips with local residents from the Nutsford Vale Park Project have undertaken work to improve the area.  Some of the entrance points have been improved and secured and we are working on the others.  

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